Wachter Exhibits NOVA at ANCC Magnet, NMC Nursing Conferences

Nursing professionals from healthcare facilities nationwide experienced informational sessions, networking, and innovative solutions like remote patient monitoring technology at two important nursing conferences. Attendees of ANCC Magnet Conference and [...]

Workplace Violence in Healthcare: 4 Tips to Minimize Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Violence in the workplace has become a hot-button issue, and healthcare facilities aren’t an exemption. Patients who become hostile can take out their anger on nurses and hospital staff members. [...]

How Evidence-based Nursing Interventions can Prevent Falls

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Rapid ROI: Reduce the Cost of Your Hospital Sitter Program with NOVA

Patient falls are a leading cause of preventable injury in hospitals nationwide. Every year between 700,000 to 1,000,000 patients fall in hospitals across the US, and nearly one-third of these [...]

No Falls Zone: Patient Fall Prevention Education

Falls are costly. Patients, family members, nursing staff, physicians, and healthcare organizations know that everyone loses when a patient falls. Even though every healthcare organization desires to have zero falls, [...]