Financial Relief is Possible with VPO Technology NOVA

No one could have imagined the type of destruction COVID-19 would bring to the country.

Significant strains on resources, imbalanced supply and demand, and inadequate relief efforts have resulted in substantial economic turmoil. It’s no surprise that the healthcare industry has taken a hard hit amid these conditions. Hospitals across the nation are shutting their doors due to irreparable financial burdens and widespread loss.

The overuse of supplies, the cost of hiring additional staff and 1:1 patient sitters, and the financial toll of falls and injuries can easily add up and overwhelm even the most stable institution. Healthcare technology solutions like NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) by Wachter Healthcare Solutions can mitigate these concerns.

NOVA uses HD cameras with 360° views as well as pan, tilt, zoom, and night vision capabilities to allow trained technicians to visualize multiple patient environments with accuracy. Two-way audio and video features as well as multi-language functionality provide a technician with the ability to communicate with patients remotely. Additionally, tracking methods and reporting and auditing tools can aid in fall prevention, quality improvement, and performance improvement initiatives.

Current customers have also deployed NOVA for use with COVID-19 patients to reduce unnecessary exposure and the use of PPE.

“Hospitals will be facing economic hardships for months or even years but it’s clear that NOVA can help alleviate some of those issues in the long run,” says National Account Manager Devin Johnson. “NOVA has shown it can help hospitals save millions with rapid ROI, which is especially important right now.”

Identifying a problem before it becomes one and taking the required steps to avoid downfall can help healthcare facilities remain functional and efficient for years to come.

Learn how we can defeat the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative healthcare technology like NOVA.

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