Virtual Patient Observation with Numerous Patient Safety Solutions


How NOVA Enhances Patient Safety

Integration enables communication

NOVA integrates multiple ways of communicating along with patient alarms so the observation tech can effectively monitor and intervene with patients, as well as communicate with floor staff.

Remote monitoring

With NOVA, 1 observation technician can monitor up to 12 patients from a secure location.

Endless capabilities

While patient safety drives the NOVA system, there are no limits to its capabilities or potential use cases.

Actionable data

NOVA’s monitoring and analytics capabilities allow for quality control audits, real-time and historical data reporting, and increased workplace safety when managing volatile patients.

NOVA Improves Patient Safety & Decreases Hospital Sitter Costs

NOVA Benefits:

  • Unified real-time communication and notifications with patients and nursing staff

  • Measurable and customizable patient auditing tools and reporting

  • Reliable real-time monitoring for quick interpretation and interventions

  • Improve staff workflow with a centralized system for communicating patient status

  • Seamless data integration across multiple clinical systems

  • Customizable design layout and user experience

  • Unparalleled image detail with high resolution video and audio, including night vision

  • Centralized video monitoring solution


Learn How NOVA Helps in the Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Multiple NOVA Solutions to Meet Your Hospital’s Needs

Wachter Healthcare Solutions has developed six different NOVA devices that can be easily integrated in a healthcare facility. Each of these devices can meet the appropriate needs for patients in various units or healthcare settings. With the MCA30 Mobile Observation Cart or the MCA20 Mobile Observation Cart, staff can easily wheel in this patient observation tool to monitor patients safely in their rooms.

Our portable wall-mount unit allows the flexibility of a small form factor with room-to-room portability and three fixed room solutions (the FRA20 Fixed Room Camera and Audio solution, the ALA20 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset and the ALA30 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset) ceiling-mounted cameras that are permanently installed.

All of these devices allows NOVA to provide your staff with reliable patient information, alert them when patients need immediate assistance, and improve patient satisfaction.

The NOVA Patient Monitoring Software provides unified real-time communication, improves staff workflow, has a seamless data integration for patient records, and allows for reliable real-time monitoring.

Learn more about how each of our NOVA technology solutions can serve your healthcare facility’s needs by clicking any of the links below.

Mobile NOVA Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility

MCA30 Mobile Observation Cart

Learn more about the MCA30

MCA20 Mobile Observation Cart

Learn more about the MCA20

PWA20 Portable Wall Asset

Learn more about the PWA20

Fixed NOVA Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility

FRA20 Fixed Room Camera and Audio

Learn more about the FRA20

ALA20 Ligature-Resistant & Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset

Learn more about the ALA20

ALA30 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset

Learn more about the ALA30

Powerful Patient Monitoring Software for Your Healthcare Facility

NOVA Patient Monitoring Software

Learn more about the NOVA Software

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