Constant Monitoring of Behavioral Health Patients with NOVA

As the healthcare industry evolves, advancements in technology continue to pave the way for progressive treatment. Various areas within healthcare can benefit from products that alleviate stressors, reduce cost, and increase safety. One such area is behavioral health.

Behavioral health settings pose unique challenges to healthcare providers in that safety is a significant concern. Behavioral health patients are at risk for causing harm to themselves or to others, which can make caring for them even more difficult.

Most often, facilities that house these units must adhere to guidelines that outline specific requirements ranging from room design to constant monitoring. The use of one-to-one patient sitters can be costly and potentially jeopardize the safety of the sitter.

Healthcare Technology Supports Safety Efforts for Behavioral Health Patients

That’s where NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) by Wachter Healthcare Solutions comes into play. Using NOVA, trained technicians can accurately monitor a patient’s environment using HD cameras with 360° views as well as pan, tilt, zoom, and night vision capabilities and communicate with patients through two-way audio and video functionalities.

Wachter Healthcare Solutions has developed Joint Commission compliant anti-ligature and tamper-resistant devices NOVA ALA20 and NOVA ALA30 to reinforce the importance of safety in patient care. In situations where patients may be a low risk for self-harm or harm of others or at risk for elopement, deploying remote patient observation solutions that adhere to recommendations can prove to be a cost-effective approach to providing safe patient care.

“As an adjunct to traditional patient sitting, NOVA can also be utilized in high-risk environments as a second set of eyes,” says Clinical Support Specialist Ashley Kuruvilla, MSN, APRN, FNP-C.

Regardless of the circumstances, NOVA can meet your needs and exceed your expectations for virtual patient observation.

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