3 Reasons Why Hospitals Choose NOVA for Patient Monitoring

Hospitals across the country are looking for innovative healthcare technologies that improves patient care. Hospitals with 1:1 patient sitter programs are increasingly becoming more interested in remote patient monitoring technology.

One powerful solution is NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant). NOVA is instrumental to the patient care nurses provide because of its many capabilities. Though there are many reasons for using NOVA, here are three key reasons why hospitals choose NOVA for their patient monitoring solution.

Clinical Support for Nursing Staff Using NOVA for Patient Care

Nurses need technology that works with them, is easy to use, and helps them in their job. Giving them technology and leaving it up for them to learn how it operates just sets them up for failure.

Wachter Healthcare Solutions wants nurses to be successful each day they walk into the hospital. Our team not only installs the NOVA technology and patient monitoring software, but also trains nurses on how to use NOVA. Our team helps nurses understand the many clinical use cases for NOVA there are with our clinical consulting services.

Ashley Kuruvilla, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, NOVA Business Development Manager and Clinical Support Specialist, says she has received positive feedback from nurses who she has trained.

"We've received very positive feedback about the go-live process as well as the NOVA system as a whole," said Kuruvilla. "There has been a decrease in patient falls and we've even received positive feedback from patients."

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Technical Support for Securely Operating NOVA as Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the most important components to the success of NOVA is our technical support. Wachter Healthcare Solutions provides 24/7 support with our Network Operations Center (NOC) to address all questions and troubleshoot any issues.

"NOVA's 24/7 support and NOC help desk are services that we hang our hats on which our competitors can’t boast," said Kuruvilla. "With around-the-clock support, the needs of our customers are always addressed promptly to ensure that they are able to provide quality patient care efficiently and without prolonged interruption."

During our implementation process, our solutions engineers work to understand the technical needs and challenges facing hospitals. Our team will explain how we will securely integrate our patient monitoring software, connect the NOVA devices securely to the hospital's network, and how NOVA is built with EMR integration.

Nursing Staff Satisfaction of NOVA Devices

When a hospital is considering NOVA, we don't just talk with administrators and IT departments, but also with nurses. We want to hear from them their patient care challenges and how NOVA can help them in patient care efforts.

One nursing manager with MultiCare Health System in Washington state expressed how beneficial NOVA is to providing effective patient care. She said "I couldn’t agree more with my staff — [NOVA] is a useful tool to keep our workforce at their optimum.”

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After NOVA is implemented and nurses are trained, our team continues to stay in contact with the nurses. We solicit post go-live feedback from nurses to understand how they are using NOVA, the questions they may have, and how the Wachter Healthcare Solutions team can continue to help them use NOVA.

How can NOVA be Used in Your Hospital?

NOVA is being used to monitor at-risk patients, prevent falls, and even curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in hospitals. This powerful patient monitoring technology can improve patient satisfaction from their stay in your hospital.

See how your healthcare facility can use NOVA to aid in patient care by scheduling a free demo today!

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