Wachter Healthcare Solutions Now HIPAA Compliant

In an era where innovative healthcare technology is in high demand, the need for safety and security remains vital.

Healthcare providers nationwide continue to fight an ongoing battle against infectious diseases while adhering to federal regulations. Guidelines set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) reinforce the importance of patient confidentiality and keeping protected health information secure.

Healthcare institutions are working to identify products that can improve workflow processes, patient and staff safety, cost, and staff utilization in a safe and effective manner. NOVA Business Development Manager Ashley Kuruvilla, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, has prior experience as a Compliance Officer in hospital settings.

"Our clients and potential customers adhere to HIPAA guidelines as this is a major issue in the healthcare industry," Kuruvilla said. "Knowing that a vendor is also compliant and follows the necessary steps to ensuring that patient information is secure makes clients feel more confident about forming a reliable partnership."

Wachter Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to providing healthcare technology solutions, like NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant), that can meet these needs while maintaining the security of protected health information (PHI).

The NOVA health team offers 24x7 technical support, a service that is second to none among other providers of virtual patient observation solutions. In doing so, the transmission of PHI between covered entities may occur in order to carry out necessary services.

Devin Johnson, National Account Manager for NOVA, says HIPAA training helps with informing clients about the security of NOVA.

"I think the main goal was to make sure that we were knowledgeable on how important it is to keep information guarded and private," Johnson said. "Hospitals know they can trust us! The course walked us through step-by-step what needed to be done and I will make sure it stays that way."

Collaborating with businesses that are committed to following regulations appropriately can eliminate any potential risk of breaches. That’s why the NOVA health team at Wachter delivers a HIPAA compliant product and ensures that all members of the team are HIPAA trained and certified.

"As a company providing Healthcare IT solutions, our goal is to maintain patient confidentiality and to adhere to HIPAA guidelines to ensure the safety and security of our services," Kuruvilla said. "Our team is dedicated to remaining HIPAA compliant through training, certification, and annual competency."

Partnering with companies that are competent in handling confidential information and developing secure technology should be a priority for all healthcare facilities. With numerous challenges being faced by healthcare providers today, choosing reliable vendors shouldn’t be one of them.


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