Nursing Management Congress Recap: How NOVA is Used to Fight COVID-19

Nursing Management Congress 2020 took place virtually last week and many attendees had one thing on their mind: how can I best help my patients recover from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Usually Nursing Management Congress is an in-person event with hundreds of up and coming nursing leaders networking and learning about the latest advances in patient care. As a recurring sponsor, Wachter Healthcare Solutions demonstrates how our remote patient monitoring technology NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) can prevent patient falls in hospitals.

This year our team demonstrated for attendees how NOVA can be used in the fight against COVID-19.

NOVA National Account Manager Devin Johnson said that everyone attending the virtual conference wanted to know how sponsors could help their nursing staff treat COVID-19 patients. Along with a live demo of our NOVA technology, Johnson and Ashley Kuruvilla, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, NOVA Clinical Support Specialist, were both able to answer questions from attendees.

"Everyone was pleased to see how NOVA could be such a help in monitoring patients and devices likes ventilators," said Johnson. "Also, once they saw how NOVA worked and realized it's huge for mitigating risk and reduces PPE use, many said they were bringing the information to their nursing managers right away."

One of the greatest benefits of using remote patient monitoring technology like NOVA is that it limits the transmission of COVID-19 from patients to nurses caring for them. NOVA is able to monitor COVID-19 positive patients at all times of the day, and the observation technician can quickly inform nurses when patients are experiencing the worst of symptoms.

Along with treating patients with COVID-19, NOVA has several use cases, including preventing falls, reducing costs of expensive 1:1 patient sitters, monitoring at-risk behavioral health patients, and more cases.

"NOVA is very impactful for giving time back in their day to do exactly what they went back to school for — nurse patients back to health," says Johnson. "By cutting down on 1:1 sitters and reducing slips and falls the nursing staff can use NOVA to see the exact outcomes they are striving to achieve for their patients."

The NOVA team routinely seeks feedback from current and prospective clients so that we can continue to develop our suite of NOVA technologies. Below are just some of the comments left by nursing leaders from this year's virtual conference regarding NOVA's use in the fight against COVID-19 and other use cases.

  • "Excellent product with COVID-19 patients!"
  • "This product is excellent to monitor COVID-19 patients avoiding continuous contact."
  • "Great product. This will help my organization to decrease falls, OT, and improve staffing for patient satisfactions. Hope to bring this to my organization."
  • "This is an awesome product. Happy to learn about it in this forum."
  • "Huge benefit to patient and staff safety. We could start with just a handful of devices and collect data."
  • "We need to reduce falls in our ED. Hopefully I can sell this to the powers that be..."
  • "We currently are working on policies for [1:1] sitters, and this would help with our current issue in IPD and staffing issues. Your presentation may be the answer to our problem. Will be sharing with our CNO."
  • "A great way to leverage technology to improve quality and safety."

Our team at Wachter Healthcare Solutions is already looking forward to next year's Nursing Management Congress.

For more information on how NOVA can be used to treat patients suffering from COVID-19, preventing falls in hospitals, or reducing costs of 1:1 sitters, please contact us today.

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