NOVA Solution Launches Market Need for Data Visualization Dashboards

Four robust data visualization reports within the NOVA product align organizations to allocate resources and the best quality care.

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (October 13, 2022) -- NOVA, a Wachter Healthcare product, announces its commitment to provide healthcare organizations with the ability to make more data-driven decisions, increase ROI and allow for optimal patient care. NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) solution uses improved data visualization dashboards and delivers a user-friendly, streamlined reporting process which provides real-time, actionable data for hospital staff. 

Healthcare initiatives and priorities for the acute level of patient observation may require a centralized opportunity to provide necessary intervention periods, tracking and insights for staff by leveraging feature enhancements to the NOVA product line with visualization dashboards.

“This insightful product evolution decreases the burden of manual data entry and analysis,” said Michelle Willoughby, Product Manager of NOVA. “Gathering reporting processes, prioritizing patient care and instantly alerting staff and healthcare leaders of what’s happening across key reporting instances, all in one visual report. The visualization tool highlights the necessary aggregated reports with faster live, up-to-date metrics, assisting healthcare organizations in determining the best action plan for the best patient care.”    

The NOVA visualization dashboards provide:  

  • Live, up-to-date metrics.  
  • Assisting healthcare organizations in determining nursing observation hours saved based on sitter to patient ratios.  
  • Evaluating staff performance.  
  • Augmenting patient trend analysis.    

“Organizations need to continue providing the best evaluation opportunities for better patient care and outcomes,” said Willoughby. “They do this by aiding and setting staff up for the best performance and enhanced patient trend analysis.” The NOVA visualization features offer organizations a straightforward method to compare results and ROI against organizational goals while easing the documentation process that creates efficiencies allowing healthcare workers to place all their focus on patient care.   

These updates provide a dynamic and interactive reporting structure and a faster way to render data than previously available. Visualization of these reports from the live data gives organizations a clear method to compare results and ROI against organizational goals. The reports include details such as documenting trends within a hospital system to establish the need for proper staff allocation. NOVA’s data visualization updates provide a more efficient process allowing healthcare workers to place all their focus on patient care.    

“We are thrilled at the resources these updates will give hospital nursing staff and leadership as they continue to combat the staffing woes of today,” said Ashley Kuruvilla, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, NOVA Business Development Manager. “Wachter Healthcare’s ability as solutions builder and system integrator places us uniquely in the market, ensuring our customers have an all-inclusive partner from design through implementation and beyond.” 

The NOVA solution can be custom-built with six product lines to easily integrate into your healthcare facility. Observation of high-risk patients and overall quality of care are at the epicenter of this data visualization solution, in addition to helping combat nurse burnout.  

About Wachter Healthcare

Wachter Healthcare Solutions, Wachter, Inc., designs, installs and maintains innovative solutions to improve safety, staff utilization and patient satisfaction in healthcare facilities. Wachter Healthcare Solutions is HIPAA compliant and FIPS 140-2 Compliant. NOVA solutions include easy EMR integration, and NOVA’s ligature-resistant and tamper-resistant behavioral health offerings are Joint Commission compliant. 

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