Actionable Data Increases Patient Care with NOVA

Today’s healthcare climate is continuously evolving. As hospitals and medical clinics continue to place an emphasis on premiere patient care in the most efficient ways possible, they’re seeing the universal need for tools that will work alongside of their staff and administration to accomplish those goals.  

The need to easily analyze data for trends is more apparent than ever. 

Analyzing Data for Optimal Patient Care 

Data can be used as a report card to benchmark organizational goals, evaluate staff performance, and augment patient trend analysis. In an effort to optimize patient care by performing data driven decisions, healthcare organizations are performing laborious, patient trend analysis tasks that are creating copious amounts of work for hospital staff and taking time away from focusing on patient care.  

As the amount of data being delivered to hospital staff grows by the minute, the quicker organizations are able to decipher these mammoth data dumps, the quicker they’re able to get back to focusing on patient care. Streamlining this reporting process while documenting real-time trends is imperative to improving patient care as well as seeing an increase in ROI. 

Instant Data Trend Analysis for Quality Patient Care 

Wachter NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) is continuously evolving. Newly updated Data Visualization Dashboards place a streamlined, user friendly patient trend analysis process into the hands of the hospital staff that need it most. These powerful dashboards alleviate the need for manual patient trend analysis with custom built, real-time reports.

NOVA makes accessing and interpreting data on enrollment, intervention, alarms and patient statistics simpler than ever before with four new visualization dashboards. Ensuring providers the ability to focus on the better allocation of resources and resulting in an improved patient experience.

Alongside the added ability to schedule reports is a live query of historical data providing organizations all the insights needed to see trends, affording them the ability to better prepare for future incidents while optimizing the care of their current patients.

“The NOVA Visual Data Dashboards provide a simple, yet robust answer to the question of patient trend analysis,” said Michelle Willoughby, Product Manager of NOVA. “With intelligent alerts and the ability to decipher trends among individual patients or entire units, NOVA is here to work alongside healthcare providers. Wachter also provides a full-service solution as a systems integrator, ensuring our team is alongside you from design through implementation and beyond.” 

Working with the NOVA Visual Data Dashboards, hospital staff and admin now have the ability to effortlessly track patient trends while focusing on their number one priority: premium patient care.

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