FRA 25 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Asset from NOVA

Ligature-Resistant & Tamper-Resistant Behavioral Health Technology Aids in Patient Safety

Monitoring at-risk patients in behavioral healthcare facilities is a challenge for nursing staff, but implementing behavioral health technology can serve as the solution.

The NOVA FRA 25 Fixed Room Camera and Audio Solution monitors patients at-risk of harm, aggression, and on low-risk suicide watch.

In addition to HD video with a fixed wide-angle view, a two-way audio system helps remote staff communicate verbally with patients. Optional aggression analytics can be integrated to address auditory aggression before a situation in the room turns to physical violence.

Learn how the NOVA FRA 25 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Camera and Audio Solution can solve the challenges of your behavioral unit by downloading our PDF Spec Sheet.

  • Reduces 1:1 patient sitters to improve workflow efficiency

  • Two-way audio communications, plus multi-language audio notifications

  • Improve patient safety and increase patient satisfaction

  • Accelerate bedside response times


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