Powerful Remote Patient Monitoring Technology Enhances Patient Care

What does Remote Patient Monitoring Technology do?

Keeping patients safe from falls, away from contagions, and recovering appropriately is the goal of all nursing staff. But with many responsibilities and challenges facing nurses, technology can be the key to aiding in patient care.

Remote patient monitoring technology is the future of patient care. This powerful, innovative technology helps staff care for patients through 24x7 monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits for Hospitals

There are numerous benefits for using remote patient monitoring technology in hospitals. This innovative healthcare technology help prevent patients from falling, allows staff to quickly treat or address patients in critical situations, monitors at-risk behavioral health patients, and reduces reliance on costly 1:1 hospital sitter programs.

Remote patient monitoring programs are used by hospitals every day to enhance patient safety and care.

Why NOVA is the Most Powerful Remote Patient Monitoring Technology

NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) is a revolutionary remote patient monitoring technology aimed at improving patient safety without the expensive cost of 1:1 patient sitters. NOVA has shown to reduce patient falls, enhance efficiency and satisfaction of nursing staff, and help staff coordinate immediate care for patients in need.

This innovative remote patient monitoring technology allows staff to communicate with patients via audio and video, and includes translation to the patient’s native language.

NOVA also helps in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. With constant monitoring through the NOVA device, nurses can communicate with and care for isolation patients. NOVA reduces the reliance on PPE usage and prevents the spread of the virus.

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NOVA helps nursing staff provide enhanced patient monitoring and care