How Remote Patient Monitoring Technology Improves Patient Safety



Patient safety is top priority for hospitals nationwide

Hospitals often turn to staff or expensive 1:1 sitter programs to monitor patients. However, these efforts fall short of providing effective safety for patients.

Without reliable constant patient monitoring, patient safety is in jeopardy. Hospitals need remote patient monitoring technology to provide constant monitoring of patients, that reduces costs of hospital sitter programs, and to help with workforce optimization.

Enter NOVA.

NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) is powerful virtual patient observation technology that monitors a patient's recovery during their hospital stay. NOVA provides for around-the-clock monitoring of patients in your hospital.

How NOVA Works

All NOVA solutions include a high-definition camera with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Two of the NOVA solutions come with video displays attached. One observation technician in your hospital can monitor up to 12 patients via the affixed camera on the NOVA device.

When a patient needs immediate assistance, the observation technician can alert nursing staff to provide patient care, communicate to the patient that help is on the way, and help prevent costly patient falls.

Because an estimated more than 700,000 patient falls occur in U.S. hospitals annually, one of the primary uses of NOVA is to reduce these incidents.

However, NOVA has several patient safety capabilities.

NOVA Patient Safety Capabilities

In addition to reducing slips and falls, NOVA has many patient safety capabilities.

Documenting a patient's real-time status is easier using NOVA. Observation technicians can set up notifications to remind them to chart patient behavior. Seamless EMR integration is included on all NOVA devices to track real-time updates on a patient's recovery.

Visual* and auditory prompts in a patient's native language help to communicate when a nurse is on the way. (*on select NOVA devices)

NOVA can detect if a patient becomes aggressive using cutting-edge aggression analytics. In these instances, the observation technician can then send in staff to calm down the situation. NOVA also includes night vision and privacy modes to help patients feel at ease at nighttime and private moments.

Monitoring patients in behavioral health units is easier and safer with NOVA. Two NOVA devices are installed as ligature-resistant and tamper-resistant solutions.

Hospitals have also implemented NOVA into COVID-19 patient monitoring processes. NOVA helps reduce nurse reliance on personal protective equipment when caring for COVID-19 positive patients. One Connecticut hospital is using NOVA to care for COVID-19 patients.

NOVA Solutions Fit for Patient Needs & Hospital Needs

To accommodate for your patient rooms and patient needs, NOVA comes in six innovative devices that can be easily integrated in your hospital. Each NOVA solution can meet your unique needs and specifications in various units or healthcare settings.

NOVA comes in three moveable solutions that can either be wheeled into a patient room or mounted on a wall in the patient room. The NOVA MCA30 Mobile Observation Cart is affixed with a high-definition camera and monitor to communicate with patients audibly and visually. The MCA20 Mobile Observation Cart only has a high-definition camera, but is useful for smaller spaces in patient rooms.

The PWA20 Portable Wall Asset easily mounts onto a track installed in a patient room to monitor a patient. The PWA20 is perfect for patient rooms with limited space.

NOVA also comes in three fixed solutions installed in the ceiling and on the wall. The FRA20 Fixed Room Camera and Audio solution is perfect for patient rooms where space is limited. Ligature-resistant and tamper-resistant NOVA devices are securely installed in behavioral health units.

The ALA20 and ALA30 ligature-resistant and tamper-resistant solutions help to monitor patients on suicide and harm watch. Both the ALA20 and ALA30 solutions are Joint Commission compliant.

NOVA solutions are easy to install and integrate into your hospital's existing network. The patient monitoring software used in NOVA is HIPAA compliant and includes seamless EMR integrations.

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